Stair Lift Mobility

Stair lifts provide more than just a means of getting from the bottom floor of a house to the top – they also represent mobility and the independence of a generation of aged people. Because, as time passes, it is only normal that we find certain daily activities, such as climbing, becoming increasingly difficult. For somebody with limited mobility due to physical damage, chronic incapacity or diseases such as arthritis and angina, installing a stair lift is an inexpensive solution in the right direction. And with the advanced technology of today almost any house can be equipped with a stair lift, even if it has a curved staircase. Before you go out and buy your stair lift be sure that you use a company professional and approved with experience in this field.

Here is a guide to help you buy a stair lift: — If you are unsure about which type of stair lift is appropriate for your house get an independent consultant from the professional therapy department of your local social services. — Ask questions about the models which a company is selling. — Ask to see the sales literature and the booklets, and learn about the various features of the stair lifts and the models available. — Get several price quotes from different companies, but make sure that they are for the same product or “as for like” models before comparing the prices. — The ranges of the quotations for the uses AND the fitting of precision of the stair lift safety. — If you have a curved staircase, ask the company to evaluate your staircase and to give you a personalized quotation. — Also compare after sales service.

What occurs if your stair lift breaks down? Are you covered for repairs and maintenance or must you pay extra for a service contract? — If you are thinking of making the purchase from a company who is not the manufacturer, check to be sure that the company is an approved supplier; otherwise they may not be able to obtain spare parts. — Never buy a stair lift from somebody who tries to make you commit to the purchase that the day or pushes a certain stair lift on you. Salesmen are paid to close a sale and will often discount the price in order to make the sale – but the model which they want you to buy may not be right for you.

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