How to Choose

When do I need a stair lift?

The simple answer to this is when you feel that getting up a flight of stairs is a struggle or inconvenience, and then this is the time to consider purchasing one.

How do I choose the right stair lift?

Each stair lift model, although similar, has different benefits and some are more suited to a particular staircase than others. A representative from a company will come round and inform you which one would better suit your property

What price should I pay for a stair lift?

New straight stair lifts cost around £1000 and £3000, and for a reconditioned straight stair lift you should pay no more than £1500. Curved stair lifts command £3000 to £10000. For a reconditioned curved stair lift pay no more than £3500.

Are my stairs suitable for a stair lift?

There should not be a problem, but this will be assessed when a representative from the company you deal with comes out to inspect

How much will it cost in maintenance?

An Annual service can cost up to £100, and is recommended to avoid large repair bills unexpectedly.

What happens when I no longer need my stair lift?
Most companies will be it back, or failing that there are many companies that buy them in.

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