Are my stairs suitable?
There is a stair lift available to suite nearly all staircases.

How is the stair lift fitted?
The stair lift is fitted directly to the tread of the stairs, and not to the wall.

How long does it take to install a stair lift?
A stair lift can normally be installed within a few hours.

Will a Stair lift make it awkward for other people walking up and down the stairs?When your stair lift is not in use, all seats, pedestals and arm rests fold away allowing full access to your stairs until you need it again.

How much do stair lifts cost?Stair lifts vary in cost, due to the shape and size of the staircase, and the age of your stair lift.

What happens in a power cut?
If you have a power cut, unless you have a battery powered stair lift, your stair lift will stop.

Are Stair Lifts noisy?
Most Stair lifts operate silently.

Which stair lift is best for me?
The easiest way to tell which stair lift models are most appropriate to you and your home is to for a specialist to come round and view the stairs.

What happens if my lift breaks down?
There will be a number to call and normally a 24 hour response rate is provided.

Do Stair lifts have Any Safety Features?
Most stair lifts nowadays have safety features from seat belts, safety locks, and Safety cut-out sensors which will stop the lift if an object gets in the way.

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